July 20, 2007

the leader in me

ok i dont know how i got mother teresa but this is life i want to say mabrook too all the people ho got ghandi he was a great leader

July 13, 2007

a surprise

my zaghada (female rabbit ) is pregnant i am so happy and nearly i am going to have baby rabbits ypeeeeeeeeeeee :)

July 5, 2007

the summer break is nearly over i have don nothing and if ur asking about miss kadija's English course its going great its so cool there i think there motto should be fun and learn because that's what u do there and if any one wants to learn English yathrib school is the place for any info visit http://alea-english.blogspot.com/ or call the school at 021-360-4565 during office hours 4 - 9. or visit the school in Benashur near Mukhtar Clinic المهم so i am thinking of working some ware to 1. pass the time 2. train on waking up early 3. to get some money to buy me a car ( joking ) well i don't really care about the money but the prob is that there is no jobs here for young people like me but thank god i could still work at the cashier in the shop next to us but i still did not ask him about it .

please if u have any suggestion right them in my chat box thank u .

June 28, 2007

a_akaks chalange

sorry guyz and girlz i couldnt get a pic of my desktop coz the usb port in my computer is not working but here is the pic
Today wheal i was surfing the net i saw this article i thought i was really wearied i think u should read it http://science.howstuffworks.com/synesthesia.htm

and this article may be cool to some people but bad to other and i did not think that they we do sutch article http://home.howstuffworks.com/lock-picking.htm

June 26, 2007

The pics are finally here

this is here

this is here and matsu
this is them again
and again
and again

June 22, 2007

a new rabbit

hi every one i am sorry that i have not posted lately its coz i have been really busy but i have a really good thing that happened to me.

today my dad bought me a new rabbit be coz i have been wanting it for weeks i wanted it for matsu so he can find a rabbit to play with so my dad surprise me with it but unfortunately i didn't like it coz it looked horrible my dad said it was coz it just had baby rabbits but still i dont like it but i really need every bodies help coz i dont know what to name her so thats why i need ur help but there is one rule it is that the name has to be a vary horrible name :) sorry i couldn't get a pic of here coz she is so scared of people but as soon as possible i will post one :)